Monday, May 2, 2011

Some sunday baking

I've always been so in love with macarons, the colors, the taste, just the simple delightfulness about them. So when I saw some of these design boxes by Marni, Galliano, and Christian Louboutin I died. How perfect are they?

Thats when I decided to take on the task of trying to make some of my own. Little did I know what a task they would be, I found the most perfect recipe from An absolutely great site. I can click through page after page oogling and awgling the insanely great recipes they have. The exact recipe I followed is listed below. Vanilla Bean with raspberry filling. However, mine did not turn out nearly as pretty as those, but they were still very tasty! I had lots of fun making them, even if they did take around 5hrs. If you get the chance I strongly suggest trying it out for yourself, it's fun and the reward is worth the effort! heres my process

Like I said not the prettiest, but luckily I was the only one eating them! And considering it was my very first time I was pretty pleased with it. But tomorrow i'm going for the main course, hoping to try and make some Tikka Masala, since i've made it before it should come out pretty good this time, I hope. Perhaps i'll do an instructional video, who knows...... stay tuned!

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