Friday, April 29, 2011

Daily Inspiration

I thought i'd be appropriate to post a few shots from the wedding, I didn't watch much, but Victoria Beckam, looking absolutely fabulous all while carrying a child, is to die for. And Kate's dress was a dream.

Now just some inspiration i'm currently loving, some of it is old, but i'm still loving it.

And I love these tidbits from Jessica Stams apartment.
And that's all for right now. I can't decide which marc by marc color case I should get for my ipad, suggestions??


Even though I love winter and all of the gorgeous layers, i'm really looking forward to summer. Perfect messy summer hair (taylor's hair is always the perfect shade of red, i'm so envious!), and casual cool collective outfits, whites, neons, and stripes. mmmm

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hi guys, i'm Laura! This is my first time blogging about anything but I have lots of stuff I like to comment on so I thought, why not start my own blog so that I can just comment about whatever I want all day long! This blog will basically consist of my fashion interests, my food interests, and my travel interests, Some good pictures and maybe some videos too. Hope you enjoy!